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Our vision, purpose and values

At Gaia Assets, there are some basic ideas in which we strongly believe. We want to deliver exceptional results for our clients, end-investors and shareholders, make Gaia Assets a rewarding place to work, last but not the least all our investments are environmentally oriented and responsible!

Our vision

The world's most trusted partner in delivering environmentally oriented investments

Our purpose

To help people harness the potential of markets to reach their chosen goals successfully and contribute for the "health" of the "Mother Earth".

Our principles

Expressed as our corporate and environment values, are: quality, ambition, teamwork, integrity, challenge and sustainable oriented thinking.

Gaia Assets manage funds led by investors, guided by science, and equipped with patient and flexible capital to make risk-tolerant investments in next generation technologies to provide reliable, affordable, zero-carbon energy, food, and products to the world.

For the last years, Gaia Assets has helped individuals and institutions invest for their future without compromising their values. Gaia Assets believes that environmentally responsible investing also offers potential financial benefits and there is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates that investing with environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance may offer financial advantages.

Adding value everywhere

Our long-term success depends on whether we can add sustainable value to client portfolios. This value primarily comes down to performance, but also from our emphasis on quality across every aspect of our business - from client service to investment communications, from administration to corporate governance. That's why we focus only on those markets, asset classes and strategies where we believe we have the resources to underpin such a commitment to sustained value. We think carefully before entering new markets; and we try to manage growth at a rate that does not compromise the standards our clients expect of us.

Doing the right thing

We expect everyone at Gaia Assets to work to the best of their ability in the interests of our clients, end-investors and shareholders. We strive never to sacrifice long-term good for short-term gain, and we seek to set the standards for good practice as investors and as a public company. We recognize that conflicts of interest can arise - we manage them by being transparent, open and making clear where we believe a course of action is unwise or unethical

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